As in the past, fully-mechanical machines are built for all those customers who require them. These machines also feature all those control and management systems needed to permit safe and easy running.

In view of the extraordinary strides forward made by electronics, many new fittings are now available to both manage the machines and handle the products, as well as a range of new packaging solutions.

Considerable effort has been made to keep up with these innovations and manage them directly. For this purpose, after upgrading our electric/electronic department, we are today, as yesterday, able to manage electrical construction and electronic programming inside the company in order to provide our customers with immediate and direct assistance.

Various types of carton feeding systems are available: with pickup arms controlled by single cam, with double-cam pickup arms and forced-introduction auxiliary arms, with rotary satellite arms without cams, with double carousel with positive opening, pickup and forced opening systems for special-shaped cartons operating with or without cams.

The cartoning machines feature reciprocating and continuous motion with production outputs of up to 70/1’ in reciprocating version and up to 360/1’ in continuous version. Cartoning machines are also made where reciprocating or continuous motion can be selected according to the type of chosen filling.

The machines are manufactured to cover a broad range of cartons, from small ones for sweets to extra-large ones for detergents or lightweight seeds. In the case of some models, the same machine can feature a 1:40 dimensional ratio change.

The types of possible carton seals are numerous and in many cases mixed. Besides standard, labyrinth, flip-flop seals and others using cold glue or hot melt, many types of glueless seals are available. Special seals are specifically studied for the customer and also for special personalised carton shapes.

Carton filling is done using the machine most suitable to the product: cylinder or screw feed positive-displacement batching unit, multi-head or linear electronic scales, single-unit counters, robotised arms or real high speed robots. Semi-automatic filling is also available, as are various forms of automatic “bag in box”.

The cartoning machines and case packers are supplied with marking and identification systems according to the customer’s needs and/or country of destination.

The case-packer machines are made in a range of models which allow various types of product configuration and orientation, including inside the same machine. The range includes numerous different models which, being modular, are configured according to layout requirements and in compliance with customer requests. For high production outputs in particular, we have developed very interesting technical solutions, made possible today thanks to electronically-controlled servomotors.

All the currently made machine models are supplied or can be equipped with remote-assistance communication with link free of charge to our in-house programming workshop. This eliminates the need for any technical interventions to update the program and is a crucial fault-finding factor.

All our machines are guaranteed three years in the UE community and two years in the extra UE zone.