Tacom Solutions

The evolution of folding cartons

For over 30 years Betti Macchine has collaborated with Tacom with the aim of offering the most comfortable, innovative and functional solutions for cardboard cases on the market.

TACOM solutions are a guarantee of quality. They make opening easy and can be closed perfectly even with just one finger.
They are designed to pour and dose any type of granular or powder product in a cardboard box, avoiding product dispersion.
Solid and resistant, they guarantee the protection of the product from humidity and infesting agents over time, improving its conservation.

All TACOM solutions can be easily integrated into Betti machinery, and compatible with guarantee seals.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed.


The classic "Open and Close" spout

PAC Spout is the famous "open and close" spout widespread throughout the world. Created for dosing salt, PAC Spout soon spread to sugar, rice, cereals, food additives, confectionery decorations, baby food, pet food, detergents, sanitizers, gardening products, bicarbonate, limescale removers and many others.
To name just a few of the internationally known brands that have brought about its success since the last century, Maizena by Unilever, Napisan and Calfort by Reckitt Benckiser and Régilait for powdered milk. PAC Spout is also available in special certified pure water-repellent cellulose cardboard, for a single-material package, 100% recyclable in paper.



The spout with integrated measuring cup

Pour&Dose is the convenient integrated measuring cup for cardboard cases. It allows you to easily pour the same quantity of product with each dispensing. It represents the valid alternative to all those unhygienic systems with external measuring cups in which you have to get your hands dirty to reach the product. Also innovative compared to capsule products, it offers practical packaging, in step with the times and with great ecological value. The end customer will finally be able to abandon the inconvenient and laborious manual measuring cups. Like all TACOM solutions, it can be perfectly resealed and can be easily applied on Betti cartoonists.


The innovative 100% cardboard salt shaker

Bispenser is the brand new 100% cardboard table-top dosing system with special integrated spreader. Elegant, efficient, ecological. It represents the first valid "green" alternative to traditional salt and flavoring spreaders, made of plastic or glass. Thanks to the special modular hole, Bispenser easily adapts to different types of salt and spices, offering the consumer a tailor-made product flow, suitable for use at the table. On the opposite side of the package it is possible to apply a second dispenser for a more abundant product flow, also ideal in the kitchen.


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