The Company BETTI has been in business as a manufacturer of packaging machines since 1955. It currently places at the disposal of its customers an extremely broad range of vertical cartoning machines, tin and can fillers, American case-packer machines and machines to cater for all requirements with production outputs of up to 360 cartons a minute, 120 cans a minute, 32 cases a minute, depending on the different models.

Multipurpose machines are manufactured using modular compositions that allow packaging different products using different systems, with just one machine featuring very quick size change.
Moreover, thanks to the technical cooperation of skilled manufacturers in the packaging industry, BETTI is also able to supply complete end-of-line units such as wrap-around case-packing machines, tray packaging machines and shrink-wrappers with production outputs of up to 40 bundles/minute

To-date, over 2,000 packaging systems have been made, followed directly and through the company’s technical-sales network, which operates in the major countries of the world.


In this website, we present the most representative models of the machines we make; it would in fact be impossible to show all the available variations and combinations.

Each packaging project is carefully analysed. Solutions are based on the real needs of the customer, rapidly implemented and each machine is carefully tested before delivery.



Loose or pre-packed food products to be vertically introduced into cartons, such as dry pasta, cereals, salt, sugar, biscuits, frozen foods, chocolates, sweets, flours, as well as the entire range of pet foods.

Chemical products such as powdered detergents or in tablets, fertilisers, phytosanitary products, bicarbonate, glues, stuccos and powdered products in general, as well as liquids, etc, already contained in bags or bottles.

Products such as small metal or plastic items, sowing seeds, traditional or innovative products, listed and not listed, are analysed and packed using the most suitable equipment.